Our beers

As the Theresienbräu Innsbruck is a pub brewery we do have a great selection of home brewed beers. Our kind of beers have a very exclusive taste and are quite different from one to another.

Our brew master Micheal stands on good quality and the best ingredients so that Theresienbräus beer stands out from other brands. Of course you are able to try a few different kind of beers in small glasses or directly order a 5L cask for your table. You will be able to draw your own beer!

Theresien Pils

As well very tasty is our „Theresien Pils“, which is also slightly malty and moreover quite hoppy. As it is a very refreshing beer just perfect for some warm summerdays.


Tasty – refreshing – smooth. Slightly malty and hoppy beer

Theresien - Stammbräu

A specialty from Theresienbräu is the „Theresien Stammbräu“, with its characteristic full body it is well known for the naturally cloudy and golden brown color. It’s made with care from our original recipe out of brown malt and mellow hops.


Charactersistic full body – golden brown – naturally cloudy. Made with care from our original recipe out of brown malt and mellow hops

Theresien White

One of our fruity and sparkling beers is our naturally cloudy „Theresien Weisse“ which is very popular at our Restaurant. It is a very refreshing top-fermented beer.


Tangy – naturally cloudy – fruity. Absolutely refreshing top-fermented beer

Dark Special

Last but not least we offer our very tasty, dark brown and naturally cloudy „Dunkel Spezial“ at our Restaurant. Brewed with a lot of care with roast aromas out of dark malt and mellow hops.


Tasty – dark brown – naturally cloudy. Brewed with roast aromas out of dark malt and mellow hops


Neben unserer vielfältigen Auswahl an Bieren bieten wir zudem eine sehr umfangreiche Cocktailkarte an. Diese ist von einer großen Variantenvielfalt vom Pina Colada bis hin Caipirinha geprägt.

Jeden Donnerstag ab 20:00 haben wir ein großes Special im Angebot und zwar gibt es jeden Cocktail um Sage und Schreibe €4.99. Ist das nicht ein spitze Angebot? Dann werfen Sie doch einen Blick in unsere neu gestaltete Cocktailskarte.

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